FIABCI Award – Campus of the College Nyíregyháza

The realization of the development of the Campus of the College of Nyíregyháza are worth considering due to its complexity. The College of Nyíregyháza – as the biggest higher education institute of the town and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county has always endeavoured to increase its regional role, strengthen its position.


Exhibition of the Hungarian Textile Artist Eszter Bornemisza

Budapest Gallery, 04-21. 02. 2010
(1056 Bp., Szabad sajtó út 5.)

Degas to Picasso

In its exhibition to open at the end of January the Museum of Fine Arts will display selected masterpieces from the uniquely wealthy collection of the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. The fifty-five works in the exhibition provide an overview of French painting from the middle of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth.

Earthly Paradise

Paradise on Earth is humanity’s eternal vision and dream of perfection, of nature, of harmony between people, of a golden age that never existed – one of the most inexhaustible subjects of art. The exhibited selection of 102 works by 53 different artists is embedded in this vast thematic framework. The exhibition offers a walk through five thematic sections.

Two exhibitions of DAM, Frankfurt

Martin Elsaesser and the New Frankfurt
10. 10. 2009 – 14. 03. 2010

TV Towers – 8,559 Meters Politics and Architecture
03. 10. 2009 – 14. 03. 2010

Bizalom / Trust

The exhibition called Trust presents the works of the young sculptors studying or qualificated at the art faculty of University of Pécs. A collective exhibition directed inside the frameworks of a genre inside the art, that prepared in the recent past, automatically presents valuable informations about the state of the given genre.

An Organic Modern Building from the 1970s

Born in Monok in 1932, Sándor Hrabóczki designed this building. Being a skilled bricklayer and having worked for a designers’ office in Miskolc as a draughtsman, he passed a specialized matriculation exam with the vocational school in Kecskemét. He had his degree in 1959 and received his golden diploma in 2009.

The Rebirth of a Farm House

Jutta Görlich artist and Peter Haimler architect decided to have their family home in Germany, in the tiny illage of Viechtach near the Czech border. The house they chose was a peasant house built around 1840 far away from the village. It is a building of traditional construction in which people and animals live side by side only separated by a wall.

The Main Facade of the Parliament

During the twelve years of the reconstruction of the facades of the Parliamenr facing the River Danube we had been in touch with almost every single stone component of the structure with the exception of the previously completed drum, the blocks housing the session rooms projecting out of the roofing and the northern tower.

Civil Respect, Courtesy and Prosperity

The inner districts of Pest have undergone a transformation since the change of the political system which hardly ever strikes us due to the lack of spectacular changes in our architectural environment. The number of inhabitants in Terézváros has dropped by one third in the past two decades.

Renaissance ethos – contemporary views

The most comprehensive exhibition to date dedicated to the Italian Renaissance will run in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest from 28 October. The large-scale exhibition entitled Botticelli to Titian. Masterpieces of Two Centuries of Italian Painting will display paintings on loan to the Museum of Fine Arts from over fifty museums.

DAM Prize for Architecture 2009

Since 1980 the Annual brought out by the Deutsches Architekturmuseum assesses the best buildings of the respective year, and has long established itself as an indispensable reference work and a guide of the current German architecture scene. However, two new aspects should be mentioned: all the buildings presented in the Annual are also presented in an exhibition.