A Developing Garden City

Changes in the Local Centre System in District XVI Budapest

Text: Anna Kornélia Losonczy, Melinda Benkő, Annamária Orbán

District No XVI of Budapest was created by uniting four villages, Cinkota, Rákosszentmihály, Sashalom and Mátyásföld, which then had stood at …

Models in the Spirit of a Successful Cooperation

Works by Students of Architecture at Győző Czigler’s Memorial Exhibition

Text: Enikő Tóth
Photos: MÉM MDK

The Documentation Centre of Historic Buildings Protection of the Museum of Hungarian Architecture, and the Municipal Archives of Budapest started a cooperation in …

William Burges died 140 years ago

Commemoration of an Outstanding Artist of the Victorian Architecture

Text: András Jeney

William Burges was a remarkable British historicist architect. He considered himself not only an architect but also a painter, sculptor and an industrial designer. He was a …

János Wanner in Switzerland

The Oeuvre Of An Architect

Text: Zoltán Szécsi

Owing to his eternal merits and achievements in introducing and facilitating the evolution of early Modernist architecture in Hungary, János Wanner’s name has a fine ring as of today for the …

Aula Marmorea, a Mysterious Building by King Matthias

Psychohistoric and Hermeneutic Outlines

Text: József Zelnik

King Matthias of Hungary was a contemporary of Hieronymus Bosch. They were influenced by similar cultural trends, and both of them had access to the most important information of the world then. …

Reconnect – Reunion

Budapest Architectural Films Festival 2021

Text: Mária Tatai
Photos: KÉK

Last year the films of the Budapest Architecture Centre were shown in Toldi cinema, whereas this year the programmes are followed online at home, in everyone’s home-cinema. The title …

The Most Hungarian European

Károly Kós Exhibition in Paris

Text: Anthony Gall

Opened virtually in November, 2020, it is a „genuine” exhibition in the Paris-based culture centre of Hungary titled L’architecte le plus hongrois dans l’Europe au XX. siècle, or Károly Kós, the …

The architect of the Hungarian Jewish emancipation

Ágnes Ivett Oszkó: Lipót Baumhorn. Holnap Kiadó, 2020

Text: Rudolf Klein

This work by Ágnes Oszkó was published by Holnap Kiadó in the series titled the Masters of Architecture, one of the most detailed and comprehensive series of specialist …

A Modular Residential Tower

The Construction System by Schömer

The majority of the Earth’s population today lives among inadequate housing conditions. There is a huge demand for flats, but it is also an important priority apply construction methods that minimize the environmental load …

In Memory of Our Glorious Dead

Vanishing Houses in Budapest

Text: Tamás Ulrich

In the past few years a large number of precious houses have disappeared from Budapest that embodied unique values with their past and architectural significance. Hereby we are presenting a list of …

Space with a Neutral or Multiple Character?

The Birth of a New Sacred Typology

Text: Zoltán Major

The developments and processes of globalisation and multiculturality appear in contemporary societies both informally and formally, they are translated into our urban spaces. When immigrating groups of people recycle, …

Non-Referential Architecture

Valerio Olgiati’s Architecture as Reflected in His Own Design Theory

Text: Bendegúz Zacher

The comprehensive thoroughness featuring the book titled Non-Referential Architecture by Valerio Olgiati is a rarity in the genre of contemporary design theoretical discourses. The standards of …