COVID-19’s Impact on Hospital Designs

Text: Zoltán Schrammel

„The world is sick”, this is what Le Corbusier wrote briefly in 1967 when forming his views on urban design. The eternal truth of this statement would be difficult to refute …

The Flower of Survival

The Homo Sapiens and the Big Issue

Text: András Nagy

In the wake of Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens, the article below surveys the global crises and the situations ensuing in the early 21st century, including consecutive global revolutions in …

Attraction and Repulsion

Torsos of passage houses in downtown Újpest

Text and photos: Anna Kornélia Losonczy, Melinda Benkő

Before 1950, when Újpest was integrated as District 4 of Greater Budapest, it had existed as one of the largest towns of the country …

Spontaneous Architecture in Tirana

Text and photos: Bence Bene

The urban architecture of the capital city of Albania is featured by spontaneous development, in various and versatile aspects. In my article below I present three tendencies of its evolution of architecture and urbanism, …

Thickening Vacancies

Community building cores in new contemporary buildings of Oxford University

Text: Tímea Deichler, Dániel Jakab

In our present survey we focussed on novelties in spatial organisation featuring three buildings of Oxford University opened in the 2010s. Tendencies in modern …

Albert Kőrössy’s Architecture

Issues of stereotypes and etimology associated with Art Nouveau in Hungary

Text: Eszter Baldavári

The 150th anniversary of Albert Kálmán Kőrössy’s birth, who was one of the most talented architects of turn-of-the-century Hungary, is celebrated by the opening of …

The tenement palace where Gustav Mahler moved

Vilmos Freund died 100 years ago

Text and photos: András Jeney

At No. 7, Teréz Boulevard, Budapest architect Vilmos Freund designed an elegant tenement palace commissioned by landowner Jakab Sváb. Born in Paks and died 100 years ago now, …

Testimonies towards a deeper understanding of Modernist architecture

Ferenc Vámossy: Essays on Architectural Theory
Tarsoly Kiadó, 2019, 420 page

Text: Mária Tatai

Of several hundreds of articles written by Ferenc Vámossy, five have been selected and included in his volume published now. Surveying five independent topics, they …

The place in the world of the non-places

István Schneller: Modern Sacred Buildings
Typotex, Budapest, 2019

Text: Tamás Meggyesi

When holding a book on architecture with beautiful photographs, we are inclined to limit our attention to the illustrations. However, if we start turning the pages, and get …

Katharina Roters: Anatomy of a Dream

Architectural illusions and city utopies in Armenia
Mai Manó House, Budapest, 29 January – 8 March 2020

Text: Borbála Jász
Photos: Mai Manó Ház

The exhibition presents the visual investigations pursued by Katharina Roters in Armenia since 2000. The …

Past – Present – Future

30 Years of Károly Kós Association

Text: László György Sáros
Photos: Lőrinc Csernyus, Attila Kristók

The civilian association uniting and coordinating Hungarian organic architecture was founded 30 years ago by seven minor associations in 1989. Founders unanimously decided to …

FUGA 10 +

Lessons of the FUGA Anniversary Festival

Text: Anna Zöldi
Photos: Tibor Zsitva, Ferenc Kocsis

In October 2019 FUGA Budapest Architectural Centre celebrated its 10th anniversary, which is a memorable milestone event in its history. Founded in 2009, FUGA has …