The Meaning in Architecture

How do man-made spaces address us?

Text: Zsófia Francsicsné Szántay

In the context of architecture, the concepts of meaning, interpretation, reading, as well as adjectives like signifying, iconic, symbolic and emblematic often appear as references to buildings and their …

Architectural Atmosperes

Text: Szilárd Suba-Faluvégi

What makes the difference between two buildings with regard to quality? What is high-standard architecture like? Why do we like being in one building, whilst we find another unbearable? These are common questions when we think …

Spatial Dramaturgy

Ideas in the Wake of a Volume

Text: Tamás Kiss

There is a topic in architecture which is the most important for me of all: it is that of architectural space. The way it is structured, the principles qlong …

Spatial Dramaturgy

Ideas in the wake of a volume
Holger Kleine: Raumdramaturgie: Typologie und Inszenierung von Innenräumen
Birkhaeuser Verlag, Basel, 2018

Text and photos: Zsolt Gunther

There is a topic in architecture which is the most important for me of all: …

Timeless and Changing Values

On the 50th Anniversary of the Culture Centre in Orgovány

Text: Mónika Bordás

In 2019 we are celebrating the culture centre of Orgovány on its milestone 50th anniversary of its inauguration with a variety of events. Commemoration is both …

The Workshop for the Future

The Special College of Architecture

Text: Anna Zsoldos

The Special College of Architecture is one of the organisations of the numerous specialist colleges working within the Budapest University of Technology. Almost every single faculty of each university has similar …

Spaces Teaching in a Different Way

Conference of Architects and Children
Budapest University of Technology, 16 May 2019

Text: Krisztina Somogyi

The concept of BEE (built environment education) has been known in Hungary since the 1980s. During summer camps and recreation activities a large number …

Architectural drawing as artwork

Interview with Sergei Tchoban

Photos: Museum for Architectural Drawing

The Budapest-based FUGA Architectural Centre organizes a wide variety of events associated with architecture and culture on the 10th anniversary of its existence, one of them being a programme of …

The Site of Crossroads, or which roads leads where?

Paraphrases of a Certain Type of Space

Text and photos: Anna Szövényi

The evolution of a space is happens in the simplest way possible when two roads meet. This situation, however, may change in several ways later on. The …

Mies van der Rohe

The New National Gallery and Old Museum in Berlin

Text: Hannes Böhringer
Hungarian translation: J. A. Tillmann

The following study compares the building of the new National Gallery in Berlin, designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1968, with …


Text: Ákos Moravánszky

Architecture starts with the making of a horizontal plane. The archetypical ancient hut was the next step, having a fireplace on this horizontal surface as well as defending, covering and surrounding it. According to Gottfried Semper …

A Vertical World

New Faces of Budapest, Bratislava and Belgrade

Text: Éva Lovra

Budapest, Bratislava and Belgrade are ambitious capitals that are on the way or ambition to become metropolises the dynamics of development of which tends to halt at a certain …