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  • Blue Award for Sustainable Architecture 2012

    Blue Award for Sustainable Architecture: Winners Announced Projects from India, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, UK, China, Italy, Greece The Blue Award is a biennial international student competition. It honours projects which address the topic of sustainability in the fields of architecture, regional planning and urbanism. On Thursday, April 26, 2012, the winners were announced at the Award Ceremony at the Vienna University of Technology. Honorary President of the Jury was Sir Michael Hopkins.

    Selected from 232 entries, 11 nominees from 8 countries were awarded first prizes, special prizes, special mentions and honourable mentions last night at the BLUE AWARD ceremony at Vienna’s University of Technology. First prizes went to Nikhil Chaudhary (CEPT University Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India) in the category “Urban Development and  Transformation, Landscape Development”; to Gregor Fasching (Vienna University of Technology, Austria) in the category “Ecological Building”; and to Veronika Holczer (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary) in the category “Building in Existing Structures.”

    The Blue Award is organized by the Department of Spatial and Sustainable Design at Vienna University of Technology and overseen by the UIA (International Union of Architects). The competition is an open invitation to future-oriented and sustainable solutions. How will our built environment present itself in the coming years? Not a one-dimensional
    approach leads to results, but rather a comprehensive view of the tasks at hand is necessary to provide solutions and protect an environment worth experiencing.

    Blue Award: Winners 2012
    Category 1: Urban Development and Transformation, Landscape Development
    • Nikhil Chaudhary, Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT
    University), Ahmedabad, Indien: “Reverse Thrust”: Restructuring the Urban
    Fringes along Ring-Roads – Case of Nagpur City
    Honourable Mentions:
    • Laura Marcheggiano, Universität La Sapienza, Rom:
    Gaay Nagar [Cow District]: Re-housing settlement project for an inclusive design
    • Jinglang Xia, Dan Wang, Heyan Zhang, Jinlong Zhao, Harbin Institute of
    Technology Shenzhen Graduate School, China: Children’s Growth Path
    • Anna Roussou, Bhairavi Dhoot, Athanasia Vasdeki, University of Edinburgh:
    Embedding Food Urbanism
    Category 2: Ecological Building
    • Gregor Fasching, Technische Universität Wien: A school for Anajô – Escola Anajô
    Special honourable Mention:
    • Zsuzsanna Meszaros, Moholy-Nagy Design Universität, Budapest: Community Farm
    in Uszka
    Category 3: Building in Existing Structures
    • Veronika Holczer, Technische und Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Universität Budapest:
    Shed Transformation in Markóc
    Honourable Mentions:
    • Vasilis Ingvar Raptis, Anna Vokali, Maria Pappa, Nationale Technische Universität
    Athen: Re-define the City
    • Daniel Widman, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm: Transformation

    Special prizes:
    • Chi Lu, Bin Xie, Zi’ang Wang, Shuo Liu, Xi’an University of Architecture and
    Technology, China: LIVING WITH EARTH – Demonstration Design Study of
    Ecological Architecture Suited for Poor Villages on China’s Loess Plateau
    • Georg Pichler, Technische Universität Graz: DUMPLAB
    Jury Members 2012
    Sir Michael Hopkins Honorary President of the Jury
    Albert Dubler Member of the UIA
    Dominique Gauzin-Müller Journalist of architecture/ specialist for sustainability
    Rudolf Scheuvens Professor of Regional Planning, TU Vienna
    Dominique Alba Urban Planner/Director of Pavillon de l´Arsenal Paris
    Nikos Fintikakis Architect and Director UIA work programme ARES
    Presider of the Jury (not entitled to vote): Robert Korab