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    The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter gives home to two new and sensational events in April. The opening of the Zsolnay Family and Factory History Exhibition is the first on 19 April. Around 200 artworks and documents help the visitors get acquainted with the heritage left to us by the family. The next important event is the 1st Zsolnay Festival with 60 productions lining up around 450 performers starting on 27 April. The different open-air and inside venues of the Quarter will give a unique home for the Hungarian and international programmes for five days. With the French, Portuguese, Romanian and Serbian performers – among many others – the following Hungarian artists and performers will entertain the guests: Csík Zenekar, Bea Palya, the Amadinda Percussion Group, the Budapest József Katona Theatre, the faculty of arts and communication of the university of Pécs, Kaláka, Hősök and renowned DJs will take the stage during our festival we wish to create a tradition with.

    We look forward to having you in the blooming Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. With your family and friends…or just alone.

    István Márta

    managing director


    Zsolnay web-organ

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