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    Sándor Dávid Papp: Handicap
    NextArt Gallery, Budapest, 21 January – 200 February 2016


    Opening: 21 Januray 2016, 7 pm
    Opening speech by József Készman

    “I wonder what necessary for the correct functioning of things, and what is the slightest detrimental factor, the presence of which leads to the loss of experience?”

    At his introductory exhibition, Sándor Papp shows contoured objects, toys common to playgrounds, brought to display through axonometric projection.

    The visual “gags” appearing in the prints represent unusual contrasts, while also providing criticism for the problems in our society. Each individual “tragi-comedic” piece can be interpreted on its own, like posing a problem, which carries to solution within itself. Tools rid of their function, or perhaps multiple objects respectively serving their purpose, which cannot coexist with each other symbiotically. Floating in infinite space while disturbed in their visual appearance counterbalance the meaning of the effect with their austere elegance.

    In his earlier series Sándor Papp opposes the purity of childish existence with the complexity of adult life. He transforms the elements of the playground forcing the area of abandon to turn into an undefeatable obstacle course. The location is displayed as a channel of communication, where the hierarchical relations of humans present themselves from childhood. The obstacle represents the satirical medley of pretense and reality, while the functional forfeiture of the toys is the analogy to the problems of adult reality.

    Within the exhibited prints the symbols and meanings of the objects alongside their functional ambivalence step beyond the frame of the playground, creating a universal attraction. The alteration from the usual purpose could be implying the identity loss of people today, the collapse of conventional standards and norms. Works created after the “playground series” can be interpreted as an aftermath, where items associated with the adult world appear. However the anxiety induced by the dysfunctional motifs begins to fade as an effect of the grotesque representations.

    “I am inspired by the question of how the innocent or even just ever so slightly mischievous years of childhood transform into constant rivalry and competition as the years progress to adulthood. Of course, rivalry can have many forms and tools, but a declining amount of people remain without it appearing in their lives. The problem can be enhanced, which is proven by the increasing amount of events and tragedies occurring throughout the world for various political, social, and religious reasons, supporting this claim.”

    Sándor Dávid Papp