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  • Ferenc Reitter Award 2013

    Reitter Ferenc Award 2013 goes to the architects of the Eiffel Palace, Budapest:
    András Gelesz, Kornél Baliga, Gergely Kelecsényi


    The 4-storey building under the address Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 78., having façade to three streets, was built in 1893, based on the architectural plans of Flóris Korb and Kálmán Giergl, who were assigned by the Légrádi brothers. It was supposed to become the headquarter and printing house of Pesti Hírlap, one of the most important daily newspapers of Budapest. Beside serving as offices and printing house, the higher floors were used for residential purposes. Its significance was emphasized by its highly decorated façade, as well as its main corner facing towards the Western Railway Station, and the cast iron courtyard structure inside the building; the design of the latter credited to Gustave Eiffel. After the war the publishing company was nationalized, and the function of the building became simpler: it was used as a printing house by Zrínyi Nyomda until is closedown in 1996.
    The building was vacant until 2012, and will be now rejuvenated by Horizon Development. Although the original house was built in 1893, it was not classified as a historic monument. Nevertheless, the facade of the new office building will be kept intact and will be restored to its original design, while the interior of the building was torn down and a state-of-the-art, 7-level office and a 5-level parking garage will be developed. The cast iron courtyard structure inside the building was dismantled, and then will be reconstructed after renovation; the elegant main stairway is preserved.