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  • European Copper in Architecture Awards

    Entries are now invited for the 2013 European Copper in Architecture Awards 16 – a showcase for architects designing with copper and its alloys to promote their work to an international audience. The final deadline for receipt of entries is 31st May 2013.

    Eligible Projects
    Buildings of any size or type, completed between May 2011 and May 2013 anywhere across Europe, incorporating copper or copper alloy cladding, roofing or other architectural elements.

    How to Enter
    Architects’ presentations of their projects – incorporating photographs and drawings, explaining the design and highlighting the use of copper – should be mounted on one or two A1 boards. They should include, or be accompanied by, a project description of approximately 250 words. Digital versions of all images (minimum 300dpi on CD) must accompany each entry, together with a Word document of the project description and the completed entry form. There is no restriction on the number of projects submitted by an entrant.

    About the Awards
    The expansion and development of these biennial awards over the last two decades mirrors a fundamental change in the use of copper on buildings from a practical roof covering historically, to a highly architectural material for any building element – particularly facades – with endless opportunities for diversity.

    Today, the awards really belong to European architects who have made them the continuing, growing success they are now. The judges and others involved with the Awards regularly tell us that the standard of architectural design is unusually and consistently high for an architectural competition focused on a single material. This is also reflected in the willingness of many architects to join our pool of judges, which plays an essential role in giving the awards real kudos.

    Information: copperconcept.org/articles/architectural-awards-launched