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    Text: Imre Makovecz

    Thököly-emlékmű terve

    „… The new government lacks building affairs. Environmental issues are dealt in the spirit of protection, but not in the sense of a comprehensive concept. What could it rely upon? Settlements are ruined, lacking infrastructure, school, administration, law, land, workplaces.
    However, the path we are forced to take is ready, on which our life struggles forwards as the means of outer generalizing forces once again. What does the press do now? It deals with issues of power. (…)
    I would like to live! I would like to believe about ourselves that we are not inferior to anyone, we would like to believe in our government, in the better future of our children, we would like to see what is valuable – that is something we know and what the West needs.
    The damned community sense objectively was realized in the bolshevik countries at the price of a horrible bloodshed. Because of this torso we do not need a false market economy but to free our suppressions to form alliances, such as the Károly Kós Association or its travelling school and others.
    We expect the government and the opposition to recognize our historical values and to take care of them, without exposing itself to blackmailing. We expect the press to spread the news of recovery in a kneeling country, not to exclude the genuine news of politics and to mobilize against suicidal processes.”

    Imre Makovecz: Writings, 1989