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    On Hungarian church architecture with Ferenc Török, aged 80

    Interview: Zorán Vukoszávlyev, Gréta Garai 
    Photos: Zorán Vukoszávlyev 

    The opening of the oeuvre exhibition of Ferenc Török held in Vigadó in 2016 was a genuinely emotional experience of his childhood memories, drawings, models, friends, students, fellow architects, and formative characters of churches. Ferenc Török, a designer and architect of churches, is an exemplary professional significant for many Hungarian architects. The interview with him was targeted to reveal the personal background which defined his orientation in the early years of his career. A new spirituality of church-architecture evolved back in the 1960s: the interpretation of the liturgy underwent changes in Hungary as a result of the Vatican synod II, the first spatial transformations were completed, and then in the 1970s a radically new architectural formation appeared along with the construction of new churches. Ferenc Török told us about this era in the interview.