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  • Marcel Breuer Doctoral School ’06-’11

    Marcel Breuer Doctoral Shcool of Architecture, Pécs

    Courses of the Breuer Marcell Doctoral School of the University of Pécs are built on the singlecycle MSc programme in Architecture, the multicycle MSc programme in Architecture, the multi-cycle MA programme in Architecture, as well as the singlecycle MA programme in Architecture.
    The primary task of the Doctoral School is to provide educational programmes of a high standard in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna system to those leading architects with an MSc or MA degree, as well as to those with an MA or MSc degree in an architecture-related field.
    The programmes of the Doctoral School engage in fields dealing with the most important concerns in Hungary and, specifically in the Pécs region, the areas of national heritage protection. Heritage protection, taking advantage of the latest developments and technologies, enjoys priority within the highly complex system of architectural tasks both in Hungary and the whole of Europe. Heritage protection, in addition to its architectural and artistic aspects, encompasses the active use of a wider range of scientific fields (civil engineering, structural engineering, geology, information technology).
    The Pécs Doctoral School has demonstrated and justified the importance of this highly complex activity over the past six years. However, the need to simultaneously deal with a very wide scope of activities requires a change in the methods applied.
    It is in light of the above that we wish to reshape and modernise the structure of the Doctoral School, primarily based on recommendations of the President of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee and the Visiting Committee of the Hungarian Accreditation Committee. Accordingly, in addition to DLA degrees in Architecture, the Doctoral School will also grant PhD degrees in Architecture in the future.
    Specific features of the Doctoral School:

    – the Doctoral School will maintain its engagement in the fields of architecture and the protection of national heritage assumed six years ago;

    – the Doctoral School will organise the work associated with the doctoral programme and doctoral dissertation defence within one organisational unit but offering two dif-ferent programmes: DLA programme in Architecture and PhD programme in Architectural Engineering

    – lectures and seminars offered by the Doctoral School can be attended by students of both programmes

    The excellent teaching staff and the infrastructure of the Pécs Doctoral School help students to engage in creative work, and due to its excellent professional and international relationships the school provides students with all the means necessary for the successful preparation of doctoral dissertations and projects. While students engage in an integrated heritage protection programme, Pécs with its special spirit and culture also offers an opportunity for young architects and researchers to experiment with heritage protection ideas of the modern archi-tecture of the 21st century.

    The representative album of the Marcel Breuer Doctoral School of Architecture published in 2012.