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    Apropos of a Poem, On Architects’ Training in Győr and Freedom

    Text: Anna Zöldi
    Photos: Ákos Czigány, Tamás Czigány, András Cseh, Péter Krompáczki, Balázs Tóth

    Professionals elaborating architects’ training in Győr – Attila Bodrossy, Tamás Czigány and members of the generation joining them, András Cseh and Ádám Tátrai – regard it their mission to encourage their students to search for and find simple architectural answers free from attraction. If the adjective average was not a curse for the society here in Hungary, we could easily describe what the training here is targeted to create as „high-standard average”. The trainers themselves rate this meaningful average architecture as a merit, the purpose of which is the original mission of architects: social service. A striking feature of this training is its collective and open aspect apparent in the students’ activities and in education itself alike. In this regard, it is lucky to have so few students in a study group: a total of twenty-thirty per grade take part in the undivided form of architects’ training based on the traditional designing approach. According to the trainers involved, their task is to make themselves aware of what they have been doing so far instinctly, which means they also study non-stop. The process of collective cognition is thus a mutual one.