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  • Creative Hungary – Engineering Expertise and Knowledge

    HCB, Brussels, June 15th–23rd, 2011

    Text: Edit Pálinkás

    Associated with the Hungarian presidence of the the European Union Brussels also hosted several cultural programmes such as exhibitions, concerts and meetings to present the history, faculties and values of the country. This exhibition surveying Hungarian engineering inventions is based on the achievements and innovations of the past to represent the engineering-technical results of the present projecting innovations and innovative solutions useful for the future.
    The exhibition analyses four areas of the tradition and creativity of Hungarian engineers: it is both a way and a bridge construction, the relationship with water, architectural and energetic opportunities and vehicles. The selection itself also reflects the mutually fertilizing and reinforcing effects of the various areas as creators, authors, designers, constructors, clients and professional organizations have all been included in it, with the promise of jointly presenting achievemenmts of the past, the present and the future.