László Nagy Memorial House Extension Plan, Iszkáz

Text: Csaba Kovács, Gábor Nagy Plans: MOME Építészeti Intézet Mentors: Csaba Kovács, Gergely Barcza The memorial house of the poet László Nagy in Iszkáz was brought to the attention of the MOME Institute of Architecture by Gábor Nagy, architectural historian and expert on historical monuments. Students of the 3rd grade of the BA in 2022 […]

120 Years of the Hungarian Architecture Magazine

This year we celebrate the 120th anniversary of the first publication of Magyar Építőművészet, the Hungarian architectural journal. This is the jubilee edition of Utóirat (Post Scriptum), which is the supplementary publication of the periodical. We have compiled a retrospective selection of articles from the issues of 22 years of the supplement to celebrate the […]

Biomimicry Underground

Restaurant and Apartment, Japan Text: Bálint Botzheim Photos: Junya Ishigami + Associates Architecture and construction are mostly thought of as an additive mapping process. We superimpose building materials in order to build spaces. But the resulting space is a negative one, because we can experience space from the inside. However, the history of architecture gives […]