Folk Romanticism and/or Professional Dogma

Architecture of the Upper Balaton Region Based on Traditions Architect: Endre Szűcs Text: Péter Tóth Photos: Endre Szűcs Engaged in historic monuments in the 1970s Endre Szűcs szót protested against the demolition of the Hungarian village, against the tent-roofed cubic houses, trend-architecture imported from the West and against flat-roofed holiday homes. After 36 years Providence […]

Sustainable House-sculpture form an Industrial Ruin

Crane Track, Amsterdam Architects: Trude Hooykaas, Julian Wolse, Steven Reisinger, Gerald Lindner Text: Eszter Götz Photos: Oth Ontwerpgroep The giant made of concrete was built back in 1952 as a street-size extension, and incoming freighters had been loaded from it with cranes for four decades. The flourishing time of Dutch river navigation is only present […]

New layer

Detached House, Budapest Architect: Jenő Kapy Text: Balázs Turai Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky The building was born out of the dialogue between the client and the designer having a joint approach and paying attention to each other. It is based on a concept of environment-friendly and energy-saving operation and ecologicality which, in a holistic way, includes […]