Our Joint Future

Solar Decathlon is an international innovative competition of universities organized since 2002 by the US Ministry of Energetics and the Spanish government with the aim to develop, spread and popularize architectural and technical solutions related to the utilization of solar energy, sustainability, green technologies and the utilization of renewable energies…

Belgrade with a Critical Eye

The material of an already launched series of exhibition is being enriched now with photographs by Tamás Opitz. As usual, it is always an artist from the country presiding the EU who is invited to Belgrade. As Hungary was the EU president in the first half of the year 2011 now a Hungarian photographer received this invitation.

Belgrade – Architectural Moments

Flowing across Vienna, Budapest and Belgrade, the River Danube has been one of the most important trade routes of Europe for centuries. Situated by the mouth of the river Sava, Belgrade is an especially significant interregional junction. Since the proclamation of Yugoslavia in 1929 the town has had a new function…

Cultural Recycling

Having established his philosophical-visionary engraving universe filtered with social criticism in the 1970s and 80s in the circles of Soviet paper architects strongly opposing the official Soviet architecture then, Alexander Brodsky turned to the expressive forms of installations and in about 2000 he also designed his very first genuine – constructable and useable – buildings.