Tons of Ideas

Architects are city changers’ – this is the slogan chosen for the world day of architecture by UIA this year. ’A world of inspiration in just one day’ – promoted WAN radio, that is the World Architecture News. On this prestigious day FUGA radio, the first internet-based Hungarian radio channel was launched.

State of Play

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A kölcsönvett filmcímmel a helyzetet csak jelentésként, nem minősítésként kívánom jellemezni. Mert megint eljött az Építészet Világnapja. Rendezvények tucatja emlékezik meg az építészetről. Szinte vetélkednek, vetélkedünk, ki tud többet. A helyszínek is változatosak és jellemzők.

Architectural Photo Contest

This autumn the Association of Hungarian Architects (MÉSZ), the Open Society of Architectural Photographers and the Hungarian Chamber of Architects jointly published the tender titled “The Architectural Photo of the Year”. Although there had been no tender in Hungary before with this title, it is far from being totally unprecedented…


Spectacular as a quality is inseparable from the modern constructive way of thinking. It is also proven by drawings by György Jánossy exhibited in HAP Gallery that appear to be quite fresh even today. Most of them are abstract representations of a world of tension just about to take shape in which sometimes the spirit world also leaves…

The Father, the Sons and the Holy Spirit

István Janáky became unwell on August 6th, 2012, the hottest days of this summer in Hódmezővásárhely whilst managing the construction of the almost completed Culture Centre named after Ferenc Bessenyei (previously the poet Sándor Petőfi). Although he was rushed to hospital immediately, his life could not be saved. After Péter Reimholz…

Zalotay 80

The social motivation driving the so-called civilized world of the 20th century the objective of which is the maniac search for the possibilities of urban co-existence has failed from time to time. However, we still have to think that these experiments have been the most exciting – and maybe the most enlightening – intellectual-spiritual efforts of contemporary architecture.

Quotation Marks

The Piarist Professional School started its life on a beautiful site in Göd. The buildings taken over for educational purposes make up a troubled complex of dubious values as the mould of the past decades: the group of pavilions, structures housing workshops and educational units erected in the park of the historicizing villa is painfully useless for architecture.

New Autonomy

Operating on the site of the former Oxygen Works in Váci út, Messer Hungarogáz made a decision back in 2008 to replace the structures of the gas-producing works and the filling station erected in the early 1950s with new ones in a spirit of of a total technological renewal. Commissioned to make the designs for this project, Géza Kendik and his fellow designers…

Receptive Memory

Located 350 km from Lisbon, Guimarães has been hardly known in modern-day Europe so far. In 2012 this town was a European Cultural capital besides Maribor. From an architectural aspect the most exciting intervention was its Casa da Memoria, the House of Memory – which has been converted from the former Pátria factory.

„I am Counting the Minutes of Joy Only”

The masas formation of the house was seemingly limited by the regulations of development: actually they catalyzed the process of thinking which aimed at the formal appearance very simple and stripped anyway. We can see now a single-storey longish mass positioned northeast-northwest topped with a simple pitched roof with inclination typical of the…

Veil Dance

The most frequented museum in the world, the Paris-based Louvre opened this September its 3000 m2 new wing devoted to Islamic art. The Islam Wing reveals an extraordinary formal-structural solution: projectint toward the River Seine the so-called Visconti-court is occupied by a two-storey pavillion with a spectacular glass roofing, the shape of which evokes a veil…

Budapest Research 2012

In the opening lecture of the conference Melinda Benkő gave an insight into the activities of the Dept. of Urbanistics at the Budapest Technical University. György Alföldi informed about a book recently published by the department in his lecture titled Budapest 2050: what a city should not be like in 2050? An important issue of the future is whether the physical fabric…