Olafur Eliasson: Baroque baroque

Belvedere, Vienna, 21 November 2015 – 6 March 2016 Like no other artist of his generation, danish-icelandic-rooted artist Olafur Eliasson stages the physical and material experience of artistic works since almost two decades. In this context, he questions our reception habits. Eliasson uses approaches from science, psychology and architecture in order to make the relation […]

A felhasználóbarát város

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Reimholz Péter munkáiból

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Brüsszeltől Farkasrétig

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KÖZTI 66 / 42+24

The history of an architectural design company Text: György Szegő Photos: Fortepan The 2 volumes present the periods of a Hungarian architectural design company standing from 1949 up to the present days. Középülettervező Vállalat (KÖZTI, Public Building Design Company) had been a state-owned enterprise until 1949 until 1991 when it was privatized and incorporated. The […]

On the way to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Jewish Cemetery, Salgótarjáni Street, Budapest Text and photos: Rudolf Klein The Salgótarjáni Israelite Cemetery is bordered by the national cemetery along Fiumei Road, which in fact is also an urban reference to its significance within the history of Hungarian culture and owing to the airy development of its environment, it is possible to create […]

Smart Cities

A new challenge for design Text: Antoine Picon Even though it may sound like a commonplace, we have arrived at yet another milestone which marks a new border within the digital age: it is the concept of smart cities, and in their wake, that of smart states apropos of which architecture (and within the framework […]

„There is no B plan as there is no B planet”

A prelude to the climate peak in Paris Text: Eszter Götz Paris hosts COP 21, the 21st Climate Conference of the UN between November 30th and December 11th. The meeting concerning a total of 195 countries ambitions to have a global agreement signed by the participants by which climate change can be relieved and the […]

City of the Future

Budapest 2050 Text: György Alföldi In my essay I am trying to anticipate what Budapest is going to be like in 2050, how life going on in the capital city influences and has influenced the changes in the man-made environment in the future and the past. Within the framework of the Faculty of Architecture, BME […]