Albert Schickedanz (1846–1915)

Gábor Zoboki’s Memorial Speech at Fiumei Cemetery The oeuvre of architect Albert Schickedanz coincides with one of the most flourishing eras of Budapest. Following the integration of the city in 1873 and the foundation of the Municipal Public Works Committee in 1870 magical energies worked miracles in this city for a few decades thanks to […]

Reporting the Front

The Program of Alejandro Avarena curator for the Venice Biennale 2016 The Venice Biennale has announced the theme selected by 2016 Biennale director Alejandro Avarena. Titled Reporting From the Front, next year’s Biennale will be an investigation into the role of architects in the battle to improve the living conditions for people all over the […]

A szabadság építészete

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Two Experimental Pavilion

Osaka, 1970 Maurizio Sacripanti, EXPO Osaka ’70 MAXXI, Roma, 29 May 2015 – 1 November 2015 “A space that moves may mean a country that moves” Maurizio Sacripanti In movement, pulsating, enclosed by an envelope that mutates in an unpredictable, living way: Maurizio Sacripanti’s entry for the Competition for the Italian Pavilion at the Osaka […]

Belgiumtól Magyarországig

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Atlas of European Architecture

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