Making Use of the Wenckheim Granary in Doboz

MÉSZ-MÉK Diploma Award 2019

Concept: Miklós Megyesi, DE Műszaki Kar
Consultant: Ferenc Keller

Built in 1864, the granary building was designed by Miklós Ybl and stands now near the centre of the settlement. Wheat, corn and rye is typically …

Böhm 100

The Concrete Cathedral of Neviges
DAM, Frankfurt, 18 January – 27 September 2020

Gottfried Böhms 100th birthday is on January 23, 2020. We intend to celebrate it: with an exhibition devoted to the pilgrimage church in Neviges, one of …

Cold War and Architecture

Contributions to Austria’s Democratization after 1945
Az Wien, Vienna, 17 October 2019 – 24 February 2020

After the liberation of Austria in spring 1945 and the occupation by the four victorious powers of Great Britain, France, USA, and the …

Bentwood and Beyond

Thonet and Modern Furniture Design
MAK, Vienna, 18 December 2019 – 6 September 2020

To commemorate Thonet’s 200th anniversary, the MAK is presenting a major exhibition on modern furniture, in which the signature bentwood furniture of the world famous …