Opening the Gates on the Roof

Csokonai Forum, Debrecen Architects: András Tisza, Tamás János Szabó Text: Eszter Götz Photos: György Palkó A new theatre was born in the city of Debrecen, ending and completing a long process of conceptualisation and design. However, its presence in the urban context is only manifested in the conceptual level, as the country’s most modern theatre […]

As Simple as a Wooden Wedge

Wedge House, Szentendre Architects: Bence Vadász, Balázs Vadász Text: Tamás Ulrich Photos: György Palkó Designed by Vadász Architects’ Studio, this house is located on the western edge of the inner zone of Szentendre in Seregély Street, right on the banks of the Staravoda stream. The area next to the bank is defined by lush natural […]

From Lime Trees to Letter Clouds

The World War I Memorial Path in Eger Architect: Dénes Fajcsák Graphics: Aliz Borsa Text: Levente Szabó Photos: Aliz Borsa, Márk Huszár, Róbert Nemes The Eger Norma Foundation has initiated the erection of a memorial to commemorate 318 soldiers who died in Eger during World War I. This work by a duo of designers, architect […]

The Stage for Modern and Contemporary Art

The Museum of Heidi Horten Collection, Vienna Architects: Marie-Therese Harnoncourt-Fuchs, Ernst J. Fuchs – the next ENTERprise architects Text: György Szegő Photos: Stefan Oláh In the 20 years since the opening of the MuseumsQuartier, Vienna’s city centre has become an important international stage for modern and contemporary visual arts. In the middle of summer, the […]

A Strong Castle

Early Development Centre for Children with Autism MÉSZ-MÉK Diploma Award 2022 Concept: Eszter Vörös Grigoriu , BME Tutor: Levente Szabó DLA The design, which was awarded the Diploma Prize 2022, meant to find an answer to the question which environmental characteristics are best suited to children with autism. What kind of architecture suites people with […]

Magic, Medium, Muse, Sanctuary

On the Role of Modelling in Design and Education Today Text: András Márk Bartha There are fewer and fewer models in architectural studios, the culture of model making is disappearing in architectural design and education. Why is it worth keeping this tradition alive, and what do we lose by abandoning genuine models altogether? The author […]

Surveys of the Holy Land in the Footsteps of King Andrew II

Castellum Regis, Milia, Israel Text and photos: Vilmos Katona In the early spring of 2022, the author of this study was asked by the Hungarian Chapter of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem to carry out a survey of a section of the medieval fortress in Milia in Israel with the help of […]

Spa along the Great Boulevard in Budapest

Spa and the House of Architect Vilmos Freund Text: András Jeney Vilmos Freund was one of the most prolific architects active in Budapest during the revivalist Historicist period, designing more than fifty buildings. Three of his works were built along the Great Boulevard: one of them was the boulevard baths (Körúti fürdő), which was also […]

Adaptive Reuse

The Enlargement of the Historic Former Hospital of Meursault, France Text: Rafah Makhoul Photos: Martin Argyroglo Traditional conservation practice is increasingly proving inadequate to address the cultural, economic and environmental challenges facing the vast and diverse array of historic buildings and sites currently in need of renewal. While there is many evidence that the heritage […]

Giant Doors to the (Other) World

The Birth of a Future City Text and drawings: Péter Magyar According to his own admission, Péter Magyar has always wanted to invent a “self-designing” work. He actually drew a few sketches in the right proportions and scales, then in the summer of 2022, on his way from Budapest to the Bauhaus in Dessau, he […]

Dream of a Beautiful New World?

A new chapter of AI architecture Text: Bálint Botzheim Artificial intelligence has quietly crept into our lives. We are surrounded by smart devices that monitor our habits and serve (or control?) us. In the digital space, our presence is even more permeated by the presence of software technologies using artificial intelligence. Architecture cannot be an […]

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