Józan építészet

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On the Duties of Thinking and the Necessity to Act

András Lányi: Introduction to Eco-Philosophy for Beginner Advanced Students Text: Zsuzsa Schäffer This book written by András Lányi is a comprehensive survey of the entire system of ecological thinking in four chapters based on various associated topics. The first part gives an ecological criticism of modern industrial society, the second is about the relationship between […]

Turi Attila

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A hiány reménye

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Testimonies towards a deeper understanding of Modernist architecture

Ferenc Vámossy: Essays on Architectural Theory Tarsoly Kiadó, 2019, 420 page Text: Mária Tatai Of several hundreds of articles written by Ferenc Vámossy, five have been selected and included in his volume published now. Surveying five independent topics, they make up five pillars of his oeuvre much like in an arch: by reading them one […]

The place in the world of the non-places

István Schneller: Modern Sacred Buildings Typotex, Budapest, 2019 Text: Tamás Meggyesi When holding a book on architecture with beautiful photographs, we are inclined to limit our attention to the illustrations. However, if we start turning the pages, and get engaged in the texts, we may all of a sudden realize that we are participants in […]