Az építészet mint folyamat

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William Hall: Wood

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Urban Symmetry

Zsolt Hlinka, Premier Nyomda, 2018, Budapest, 165 page Why symmetry? Because it is perfect: a consciously created or randomly occurring composition that captures the immaculate balance. My artistic aspirations have been built around this concept since the beginnings, approaching it from many different sides, which makes this an inexhaustible source for inspiration for me. My […]

New Cabin Homes

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Architecture copy paste

Felix Madrazo and Winy Maas: Copy Paste. The Badass Architectural Copy Guide Text: Péter Debreczeni The unique nature of design is a priority, and there is a wide variety of tools and devices that can be used to achieve this goal. As it is quite a difficult task to find out something entirely individual, and […]

A Master of Historicism

Dr. Pilkhoffer Mónika: The Oeuvre of Architecture Adolf Lang. TERC, Budapest, 2017, 216 page Szöveg: Jeney András Mónika Pilkhoffer, an associate history professor with the University of Pécs, has also established her fame as an art historian. In her latest publication she analyses the oeuvre Adolf Lang (1848–1913) with special regard to historicism (revivalist styles). […]

East-West Passages

Towards an Integral History of Post-War Architecture in Europe Eds. Ákos Moravánszky – Torsten Lange – Judith Hopfengärtner – Karl R. Kegler: East West Central. Re-Building Europe 1950–1990. Basel: Birkhäuser Verlag 2017, 3 volume) Text: Béla Kerékgyártó What was the link between the western and eastern halves of Europe which had been divided according to […]

Bonding Metaphors

Metaphors in Architecture and Urbanism. An Introduction Edited by Andri Gerber, Brent Patterson, Transcript Verlag, 2013 Text: Dániel Veress The book reviewed below is a gap-filler publication which we had waited for long. It is easy to see that metaphors are present everywhere in architecture (as well), and their presence is of course even more […]