The House of Motion

ActiCity, Veszprém Architect: Anthony Gall Text: János Géczi Photos: Balázs Danyi The Veszprém-Balaton European Capital of Culture 2023 programme has ambitioned and targeted to revitalise existing, but out-of-use, valuable buildings to serve as venues for both traditional and innovative cultural events. One of these venues is the building in Külső-Püspökkert („Outer Bishopric Garden”), now a […]

We Believe in Art

Modern Art Gallery, Balatonfüred Architects: István Lukács, Vikár András Text: Miklós Okrutay Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Balatonfüred started to reinvent and reinterprete itself about a decade and a half ago. The Modern Art Gallery (Modern Műtár in Hungarian) in the centre of the Balaton region, which houses the collection of art collectors András Szöllősi-Nagy and Judit […]

A Permanent Space for Images of the Moment

New Exhibition Space of the Capa Center, Budapest Architect: Zsolt Szécsi Text: András Bán Photos: József Hajdú At last, a permanent photography museum has been opened in Budapest in a distinguished historic setting, with a prestigious collection of images, restrained architecture and a public focus. The Robert Capa Collection, purchased by the Hungarian state, has […]

Small can be monumental

Greek Catholic Museum and Study House, Nyíregyháza Architects: Mihály Balázs, Dávid Török, Balázs Falvai, Márton Nagy Text: Zoltán Bun Photos: Antal Bánhegyesy The denominational Museum and Study House, now celebrating its 20th anniversary, stands next to the St. Athanese Greek Catholic Theological College in Nyíregyháza, and was built after designs by Mihály Balázs, although the […]

Layers of Ages

St. Ursula Roman Catholic High School Extension, Sopron Architect: Dávid Józsa Text: Tamás Kiss Photos: Balázs Danyi The renewed building complex of the St. Ursula Roman Catholic High School in Sopron has undergone a comprehensive renovation, which included the expansion of the existing floor space, the zonal rationalisation of certain functions, the modernisation of te […]

In Festive Garments

Accommodation building of the Children’s Railway’s Architects: Kristóf Attila Juhász, Róbert Gál Text: Péter Fejérdy Photos: József Hajdú The new accommodation building temporarily used for a year now at the Children’s Railway’s terminal in Hűvösvölgy has been completed. The new children’s camp, which is located near the station building, is not inconspicuous, but blends into […]

Condominium on the Outskirts of the City

Trendo 11, Budapest Architects: LAB5 architects Text: Péter Debreczeni Photos: György Palkó In Budapest, it is rather difficult to find a well-suited site for development which is both affordable and suitable for the construction of a human-scale condominium. Developers tend to focus on large, neighbourhood-scale ensembles and avoid the risk and complexity of building modest-size […]

Summer Gym in a New Shell

Renovation of the “gymnasium-stable” of the Premontre High School Architects: Gábor Turányi†, Zoltán Kovács Text: Nóra Ostoróczky Photos: Balázs Danyi The summer gym designed by architect Gábor Turányi has stood in the backyard of the Premontre High School in Gödöllő since 1995-96. With its rhythmically arranged supports and perhaps also its position in the garden, […]

Merse-Coast Shakespeare Theatre

Shakespeare North Playhouse, Prescot, United Kingdom Architects: Nicolas Helm, Austin-Smith:Lord (on the basis of Inigo Jones) Text: György Szegő Photos: Andrew P Brooks – Shakespeare North Playhouse Further up the river from Liverpool’s famous Merse-bank Anfield football ground, an old-new theatre was opened in Prescot in 1922: it is named the Shakespeare North Playhouse. The […]

Celebrating beauty

Festetics Castle Renovation, Dég Architects: Kinga Garaguly, Kálmán Gábor Text: Eszter Götz Photos: Attila Gulyás The three-storey, U-shaped castle in Dég was built between 1802 and 1812 after designs by Mihály Pollack. The composition is a true masterpiece: the portico, which rises from the central colonnade, is accentuated by Doric columns and topped by a […]

Tidying up with Care

Renovation of Franciscan Monastery, Szolnok Architects: Árpád Álmosdi, Monika Csendes Text: Nóra Ostoróczky Photos: Ártér Architects Franciscan monks arrived in Szolnok in 1686, and in 1718 they built their very first church on the site of the present-day monastery, with a thatched roof and adobe. The Franciscans commissioned master builder Joannes Babtista Carlone (1682–1747) from […]

Healing Again

Façade Reconstruction of Kútvölgyi Clinical Centre, Budapest Architects: Elemér Csánk (1944), Antal Lázár, György Stocker (2022) Text: Zsolt István Kiss, Péter Varga Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky After eighty years of operation, the façade of Kútvölgyi Hospital in Budapest has been renewed. Its birthday can be counted since its inauguration in 1944, the start of construction in […]