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  • The Venice Architecture Biennale – in Hungary

    The „Students’ Exhibition” 2012 in FUGA – February 2nd-March 10th

    Text: György Szegő

    The Hungarian exhibitions of the Venice Biennale are usually also shown to the Hungarian public after its closure. Previously they were housed by the University of Pécs, now by the Budapest-based FUGA Architectural Centre. According to the curators of the Hungarian exhibition, Bálint Bachmann and Balázs Markó the presence of standard architectre prevails – there are less individual concepts, whilst intuition is almost totally missing from universal architecture. This is why they decided to focus on the craftsmanship traditions of architecture and present models vitally surviving in education (also) rhyming with the call word of the main curator. The curators’ concept is realized by traditional white models made by students on a 21×21 cm base with hardly any blocks representing genuine houses.