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    Finnish-Hungarian Student Design Competition 2011

    Finnagora, the culture and science institute of Finland in Budapest and Hungarian architecture and design magazine hg.hu is pleased to announce the launch of a competition for Hungarian and Finnish students to design a public art piece with the innovative and creative use of wood.

    The aim of the competition:
    To design wooden ornamentation for a 30 meter long and 3 meter high surface. The surface is one side of the WoodCave pavilion, in which a temporary exhibition will take place. The surface consists of modules size 2.5×3m – the decoration must be efficient on the size of a single module as well as on the whole surface. The two basic ideas of this project are the use of wood as an innovative building and surfacing material, and the self-contradiction that lies in setting the museum as a function against the temporary character.

    Design a coat for the pavilion! Exploit the possibilities of wood and the ideas in cultural application. Play around with the material, the surface, the space – saw, burn, split! Use easily accessible, local or recycled wooden materials in realizing your conception.

    Type and format of competition:
    The competition is voluntary and anonymous. The participants have to be formal undergraduates or university students of a Finnish or Hungarian university or academy.

    Submission requirements:
    A 30×30cm part of the design, which demonstrates that the project is feasible and lasting. Moreover, an illustrated introduction of the whole concept on 1-3 wooden or paperboard with the size of 30×30cm. The jury is international, thus the language of the competition is English: descriptions must be written in English.

    The competition is anonymous, passworded. The password must be indicated on every piece of the submission, personal information (name, age, postal and e-mail address, phone, university) must be attached in an enclosed envelope with the password written on top. With the absence of these the entry cannot be accepted.

    Individual and group (with max 3 members) candidates are both accepted.

    Pokko Lemminkäinen, architect, designer of WoodCave concept
    Unto Siikanen, architect/SAFA , professor
    Markku Tonttila cabinetmaker, director of Pro Puu (Pro Wood) Association, Lahti
    Péter Kovács, DLA architect, associate professor at University of Debrecen
    Péter Pozsár, architect (Új Irány Csoport)
    Dániel Kovács, art historian, editor-in-chief of hg.hu

    Submission deadline:
    25 March 2011 (final date of postmark or personal delivery)

    Submissions must be sent in a closed package to the following address:

    Kovács Dániel
    Ombrello Média kft.
    1033 Budapest, Bogdáni út 1-3

    Pokko Lemminkäinen
    Pro Puu ry
    Satamakatu 2 A
    FI-15140 Lahti

    The awards for the entrants chosen to be the best by the jury of the competition will be the opportunity to participate in two workshops: one in Lahti, Finland, in June 2011 and the other in Budapest September 2011. All costs of the participants in the workshops will be covered. In the workshop in Lahti the participating students gain insight in the theory and practice of wood as versatile and multi-functional material both in architecture and design. Moreover, they will be given the opportunity to realize their conception submitted to the competition. The second workshop in Budapest will include the finalising of the pavilion with students’s coating innovations. All tasks will be guided by the Finnish and Hungarian professionals on site.

    Announcement of results:
    Results will be announced in mid-April.