Golden Age

György Fekete exhibition

Museum of Applied Arts
28th September – 4th November 2012


For the 80th birthday of György Fekete
Text: György Szegő

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Cézanne and the Past

In our exhibition we wish to present an overview of Paul Cézanne’s oeuvre and his approach to the past through some eighty to one hundred paintings, drawings and watercolours by the artist supplemented by thirty to forty works (paintings, sculptures, gypsum copies, prints and illuminated books) by sixteenth-nineteenth-century masters.

Thirty-eight Years

Touching, sympathetic, loving book made ​​by Péter Wagner and Tamás Kőnig about the thirty-eight-year they have spent together in their common architectural firm so far. No pomposity, no fuss in more than three hundred pages, which is today, in this business really exemplary.

Budapest Guide in German

In the tourism of Budapest the German-speaking guests have considerable weight. Many of them are architects or visual culture artists. It matters how they see the history of Hungarian architecture and how appears them the contemporary architecture. Budapest is not only the city of writers and philosophers, but also of architects.

Druot, Lacaton & Vassal

Ha lerombolunk egy régi épületet és a helyére egy másikat húzunk föl, kortárs karakterrel, azzal semmit nem nyerünk – írta egy tanulmányában három világszerte ismert francia építész: Frédéric Druot, Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal.

World Models

What does the notion of the studio mean today? Is it the locus of artistic creativity, the most natural environment for experimenting and for the creative process? The mysterious place of the creation of the WORK? A refuge and a stage for private rites and rituals? A space consecrated by the artist’s presence, and the place of his or her everyday life…

János Gerle 1947-2012

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János egyszerre volt és maradt építészettörténeti/elméleti gurum és személyes barátom. A 70-es években kiadott egy szamizdat levél-folyóiratot ÉL címen, akkor kerültünk közel egymáshoz. Az élő építészet fogalom még nem volt definiálva…