Tons of Ideas

Architects are city changers’ – this is the slogan chosen for the world day of architecture by UIA this year. ’A world of inspiration in just one day’ – promoted WAN radio, that is the World Architecture News. On this prestigious day FUGA radio, the first internet-based Hungarian radio channel was launched.

State of Play

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A kölcsönvett filmcímmel a helyzetet csak jelentésként, nem minősítésként kívánom jellemezni. Mert megint eljött az Építészet Világnapja. Rendezvények tucatja emlékezik meg az építészetről. Szinte vetélkednek, vetélkedünk, ki tud többet. A helyszínek is változatosak és jellemzők.

Architectural Photo Contest

This autumn the Association of Hungarian Architects (MÉSZ), the Open Society of Architectural Photographers and the Hungarian Chamber of Architects jointly published the tender titled “The Architectural Photo of the Year”. Although there had been no tender in Hungary before with this title, it is far from being totally unprecedented…


Spectacular as a quality is inseparable from the modern constructive way of thinking. It is also proven by drawings by György Jánossy exhibited in HAP Gallery that appear to be quite fresh even today. Most of them are abstract representations of a world of tension just about to take shape in which sometimes the spirit world also leaves…