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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Impossible Photography

    Prisons in Paris 1851-2010

    Musée Carnavalet, Paris 10. 02. – 04. 07. 2010.

    Prison Mazas, boulevard Diderot, 12ème arr., 1898

    The exhibition ‘Impossible photography’ a historical overview which attempts to peel back the bars and walls and reveal the complexities of a frequently feared and misrepresented system. Collecting 340 photographs from over 150 years, this exhibition is overtly visual. Ranging from early sepia-tinted exteriors to vibrant full-color prints, you immediately become immersed in the legacy of guards and convicts, nuns and administrators.

    Prison Sainte-Pélagie, 14, rue du Puits-de-l’Ermite, 5ème arr., 1889
    Prison de la Grande Roquette lerombolása, 1898-1899

    Prison Saint-Lazare, Faubourg Saint-Denis, 10ème arr., 1888