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  • FIABCI Award – Campus of the College Nyíregyháza

    Public Sector Category Winner

    Property Development of the Campus of the College of Nyíregyháza, Nyíregyháza, Hungary (B5 Architectural Ltd)

    The realization of the development of the Campus of the College of Nyíregyháza are worth considering due to its complexity.

    The densely populated Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county is situated in one of the most disadvantageous regions of EU and Hungary, unemployment rate is high and the migration tendency is significant.

    The College of Nyíregyháza – as the biggest higher education institute of the town and Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county has always endeavoured to increase its regional role, strengthen its position. By changing and broadening its educational structure – the traditional – in the town and the region would like to serve the professional human resource need of the factories and processing industries and accompanies the effort that the highly qualified professionals settle down in the region.

    The management of the College of Nyíregyháza worked out a long-term educational strategy for the region that fits into the educational reform ambitions of the Ministry of Education.

    The management recognised the need of the new educational structure which can be established only by the development and modernising of the archaic material and technical infrastructure.

    The management ensured the financial support with successful governmental tenders and effective usage of PPP constructions for the property development of the Campus of the College of Nyíregyháza.

    During the project the College was in service but with efficient organisation it was managed to ensure the high quality teaching during all the phrases of the project.

    Before the development the buildings of the Campus were in a depressing aesthetic and technical state. The College – meanwhile organizing a new educational structure – wanted to appear with a new, modern and up-to-date image. So it was extremely important that beside the new buildings financial sources should have been available for renovating the old buildings and ensuring the unified and modern building technology.

    They had to pay attention that the inner walking system jointed effectively and the buildings had to be reached via each other even with wheel chair and some services had to be available for community purposes. But at the same time the buildings should be tightened to each other and the different units had to have own entrances and beside central control they should be separated.

    In the shown project were realised scheduling process, in a value worth of 60 million USD,on an acre 75 000 m2, multiple investment-new buildings, reconstruction, development of informatical and energetic technology, roads, parking places and green area.

    By executing the project a Campus was established that is a significant base of the town’s educational, cultural and social life. The College of Nyíregyháza is the scene of lot of higher educational, town, regional and international event and programs. As a result of the project the College has the area’s biggest conference infrastructure. Its park has become a popular resting place for both the town citizens and visitors. The natural and built environment assure to the students comfortable, calm and cultural environment for learning.