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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • Maszka – the Costume Designers House

    MÉSZ-MÉK Diplom Award 2009

    Design: Krisztina Mészáros, BMGE Középülettervezési Tanszék
    Consultant: Richárd Hőnicz
    Opponent: Zsolt Zsuffa

    The triangle-shaped construction site selected for the project is a difficult terrain. The tiny widening space is to start out two streets simultaneously, catch a corner or create a spatial wall. The positioning of the projected building is a witty one, there is now a perambulatable freestanding house at the end of the streets imperfectly developed in unbroken rows streets. The sculpturesque development treats the issues concerned in an individual way, promoting the building to play a main role. Every house is also an „attire”, protecting and also cladding its user. Besides protection against external impacts it can also represents the personality of its bearer. Costume, however, is more than clothes: it a device conveying a message, being a „garb”, which equals a sign, it is an attire influencing the mood of the person wearing as well as the atmosphere of its environment.