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  • New Medians in Internal Ferencváros

    Ráday Kult2ucca – The Future of the Touristic-Cultural District, Brainstorming Contest

    Launched over more than ten years ago by the local government of Ferencváros and based on international examples, the project concerning Ráday Street supports cultural, touristic and catering activities achieved indisputable success which shall be probably backed by positive effects of the surface design related to the construction of tube line No. 4. The reconstruction of public domains raises issues of the relevance of the follow-up of the „Cult-street” project and plans for the future. Solutions and ideas included in the designs submitted for the contest have been varied. Authors thoughtfully analysed the past of the district and its architectural history as well as the potential trends of its future. The variety of proposals also prove that the task set now was a complex and difficult one, requiring creative sensitivity. Some of the projects submitted concerned Ferencváros as a whole, whilst others included its communication with the neighbouring areas. Several of them were based on the development of providing information and its new forms, as well as promoting orientation in the district. Some of the documentations submitted now dealt with the pavement of the streets including some exciting ideas concerning night light effects.

    1st Prize: Judit Frischmann

    1st Prize: Andrea Angyal


    Design: Csernátony Fanny, Ferth Tímea

    Design: Ganyecz Levente

    Design: Hartmann Gergely, Gurdon Balázs