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  • The Heart of Budapest Programme

    „From the Idea to Stone-Setting”
    FUGA, Budapest, 1-18 October 2009

    FUGA, the new Budapest Architectural Centre opens to the public on October 1st, 2009 with a large-scale exhibition of The Heart of Budapest programme. The 200 m2 area of the exhibition hall with approximately 160 m2 exhibiting surface gives an overall picture of a significant phase of the latest cycle of the city’s development.
    The primary message of this exhibition is to present the process by which an extraordinarily complex system is being radically interfered with. The changes projected now to concern the characteristic unity of the capital’s Old Town s are coordinated ones, and largely depend on procedures already realized or launched in order to renew this part of the city. Besides extensive and remarkable changes in operation and structure these projects will basically change the image of the area concerned which is being modernized at the same time in many respects.