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  • Urban Networks of Energy and Design

    Cult districts and Cult-streets

    Text: Bálint Botzheim, György Szegő

    Carnaby Street, London, 1970 k.

    The birth and development of vital cultural district in a city tend to be a result of a series of coincidences, more rarely that of careful planning, as it is typically an event that generates the projected continuation. Survival is a multi-factor issue. We have included in our present survey reviving districts and cultural-artistic-thematic streets functioning now or in the past.
    The recycling of the olympic city in Munich, Carnaby Street in London as an example an example of repeated transformation, the Schismatic Republic flourishing in Vilnius or Schnoor, a district of Bremen are fine examples of help and assistance needed for the birth and survival of these valuable urban districts.

    Schnoor kultucca, Bréma


    Médiafórum, München, 1972