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    Market and Community Zone, Békásmegyer

    Architect: Alfréd Peschla
    Text: Eszter Götz
    Photos: Zsolt Hlinka

    Located at the northern end of Buda, the market opened in the early 1980s in a spacious housing estate has now received a new hall and next year it is going to be extended with a community space right behind it. Designers from Óbuda Stúdió approached the task with the ambition to create order here. They ambitioned to provide an integral framework for the hall and the temporary structures that naturally accompany it, including groups of primary producers, doughnut and flat-bread shops, temporary booths. The transport of goods, parking, access to the toilets and space for walking, meeting, sitting were requirements that had to be facilitated here and also some green area had to be included besides asphalt. The concept by Alfréd Peschka architect started from the idea of medieval piazzas, and focussed this market around a single-storey central hall surrounded by arcades, which is in turn joined on the east by an open-closed market square surrounded by pavilions. It is a simple form, with nothing special, only a well-functioning „plant” which is airy, protected, and has the capacity to create an order to replace the formerly existing chaos.

    General design: Óbuda Építész Stúdió Kft.
    Leading architect: Alfréd Peschka
    Project director: Zsolt Miklóshalmi
    Architects: Tamás Csernik, Tímea Egervári, Artúr Fazekas
    Fellow architects: László Banitz, Nóra Csáki, Péter Galambos, Jeliszej Korcsák, Ádám Lukács-Nagy, Dávid Szabó
    Structure: Tamás Vértesy
    Framework: Sándor Horváth, Gábor Schreiber – Pataky és Horváth Építésziroda Kft.
    HVAC: György Pavlics – PPR Plan Kft.
    Electrical engineering: Gábor Kun, Viktor Szalai – Hungaroprojekt Kft.
    Fire protection: Lajos Takács, Orsolya Brindzik – Takács-Tetra Kft.
    Acoustics, environment protection: Róbert Csott – Apszis 95 Kft.
    Accessibility: Mónika Parti – Rehabexpert Kft.
    Market technology: Gizella Kuruczné Szabolcs – Design Studio Kft.
    Traffic: Zsuzsanna Ötvös
    Garden, landscape: Sándor Mohácsi, Dániel Takács – S73 Kft.