MÉSZ Conference 2019

Association of Hungarian Architects, Károly Kós Auditorium 27 May 2019 The Association of Hungarian Architects (MÉSZ) held its annual conference in the Architects’ House. Members of the board – János Golda, Gábor Zoboki and Csaba Nagy – gave an account of the activities of the Association in the past year. László Mikó presented a summary […]

Ten years of FUGA

Anniversary Festival, July-September 2019 FUGA Budapest Architecture Centre celebrates the 10th anniversary of its inauguration on October 1st, 2019. with aan appropriate series of large-scale events to commemorate the significant date. The introductory programme starts mid-summer with an exhibition of architectural designs and models housed in every room of the house. The exhibition opens on […]

Culture Factory Project, Ózd

Fiabci Award 2019 Organised for the 70th occasion, the FIABCI World Prix d’Excellence World Gold Winner prize went to an entry submitted in the „Heritage” category by Forum Hungaricum Nonprofit Ltd. titled Culture Factory Project Ózd. Read more about the project

The Gold Medal of the Hungarian Arts Academy 2019: Barnabás Winkler

Barnabás Winkler DLA, an architect who is also the holder of the Ybl and Príma prizes and a lecturer with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics is an excellent architect awarded several prizes, the author of a number of architectural books, monographies and studies on urban architecture. The designs of the Architectural Museum and […]

The Conversion of the Open-Air Stage in Városmajor

The results of the concept contest Szabad Tér Színház Nonprofit Ltd. and the Municipality of Budapest District XII local government published a tender for concepts of the Open-Air Stage to be built in Városmajor with the objective to collect ideas and proposals that can form the basis for the concept and programme of the open-air […]

Diamond Cutting

Parisian Court, Budapest Architects: Csaba Nagy, Károly Pólus, Ádám Pásztor, Kriszta T. Major, Miklós Batta Text: Tamás Ulrich Photos: Péter Molnár, Krisztián Bódis Originally there had been a business complex on the lot built in 1817 after Parisian models, which is where it today’s originates from. In 1906 the lot was purchased by the Inner […]

An Explored Value

Reconstruction of the Synagogue in Rumbach Sebestyén Street Architects: Tamás Kőnig, Péter Wagner Text: Vilmos Katona Photos: József Hajdú An early Art Nouveau style synagogue is the one and only design by Otto Wagner which has been actually built in Hungary. Standing in Rumbach Sebestyén Street, this prayer house was built in a Moresque style […]


Church Reconstructions in Ormánság Architects: Dániel Rabb, Péter Rabb Text: Dániel Rabb, Péter Rabb Photos: Lajos Kalmár The project titled Eight churches in Ormánság was launched in 2014 by the sponsorship of National Cultural Fund, with the aim to prevent the further deterioration of the structures already in bad condition then, and restore the painted […]

Scientific Handicraftmanship

Pharmacy Garden, Budajenő Architect: Lívia Zsiros-Kundrík Text: Krisztián Dudics Photos: Balázs Danyi A forested landscape in a hilly region, an area of small cultivated gardens tiny near the capital city which is still a place with an idyllic rural atmosphere. There are two snowwhite houses with pitched roofs and clear-cut contours and an open pergola-type […]

Spaces and Events

Children’s Camp, Balatonfenyves Architect: György Dénes Text: Gábor Bártfai-Szabó Photos: György Dénes The local government of Budapest District II made a decision to modernize its existing children’s camp. The outdated barracks thus should be replaced by something new – this is as far as the process reached soon to be followed by a stage to […]

Aquaculture and Modernism

Árpád Open-air Baths, Csillaghegy Architect: Márta Németh Text: Anna Zöldi Photos: József Hajdú After a long period of instability and making several compromises, the new building of Árpád Open-Air Baths complex was opened to the public. The curing effects of the springs in Csillaghegy had already been obvious for the Romans, who supplied water to […]

From time to time

Market and Community Zone, Békásmegyer Architect: Alfréd Peschla Text: Eszter Götz Photos: Zsolt Hlinka Located at the northern end of Buda, the market opened in the early 1980s in a spacious housing estate has now received a new hall and next year it is going to be extended with a community space right behind it. […]