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    Pharmacy Garden, Budajenő

    Architect: Lívia Zsiros-Kundrík
    Text: Krisztián Dudics
    Photos: Balázs Danyi

    A forested landscape in a hilly region, an area of small cultivated gardens tiny near the capital city which is still a place with an idyllic rural atmosphere. There are two snowwhite houses with pitched roofs and clear-cut contours and an open pergola-type metal frame wedged in-between them. Permeating the whole project, a welcome tension is created between an almost bucolic landscape context and an accentuated man-made rational environment which is transformed into a creative energy which forms the entire complex into a unique work of architecture. The client and the architect worked in tandem to realize their concept, in which the outbuilding and the residential building stand next to each other as equal coordinated partners. The deliberately archetypal design of the building masses allow them to evoke characteristic forms and proportions of rural architecture. At the same time, the steel pergola nave between the two buildings accentuating the axial symmetry are defined by a principle of composition resembling renaissance ones.

    Leading architect: Lívia Zsiros-Kundrík
    Interior design: Lívia Zsiros-Kundrík, dr. Márta Tkacsik
    Framework: Ubrankovics Gerendaház és Készházgyártó Kft.
    Structure: Ágnes Pintér
    HVAC: András Gabula – Légkomfort Kft.
    Garden design: Máté Rafaj – Gyermelyi Kertépítő Kft.
    Client: ARTBOS Kft.
    Main contractor: ARTBOS Kft.
    Project manager: dr. Márta Tkacsik