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    Church Reconstructions in Ormánság

    Architects: Dániel Rabb, Péter Rabb
    Text: Dániel Rabb, Péter Rabb
    Photos: Lajos Kalmár

    The project titled Eight churches in Ormánság was launched in 2014 by the sponsorship of National Cultural Fund, with the aim to prevent the further deterioration of the structures already in bad condition then, and restore the painted faceted ceilings as many as the budget allows to. Designers first made a tour of the region named Ormánság and meanwhile surveyed a total of 42 churches and make a priority list of them according to their significance for the protection of historic buildings and their endangered status. Eight churches from this list have been restored by now including their painted faceted ceilings as well as the pulpits.

    General design, experts: Bartal és Rabb Kft.
    Architects: Donát Rabb, Ignác Kokas, Dániel Rabb
    Assistant architects: Geregely Váczi, Andrea Hankó
    Structure: Miklós Molnár, Péter Rabb, Balázs Szabó
    Diagnostics: Dániel Rabb, Péter Rabb
    Electrical engineering: Gábor Lénárt†, József Horváth
    Resorators: Ferenc Czakó, Tibor Pefiffer, Margit Kiss
    Main contractor: Branau Kft.
    Technical control: Attila Gárdos
    Supporters: NKA, Baranya Megyei Önkormányzat
    Project manager: Gábor Riegl
    Scientific expert: Dr. Tünde Zentai