Successful Shot

Footsal Hall of Aramis Sports Club, Budaörs

Architect: Gábor Sajtos
Text: Zsolt Vékony
Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

An exciting creation has grown out of a hillside in Budaörs last year: the sports hall used by Aramis SE footsal team and Gyula Illyés Secondary Grammar School has evolved into a symbol of the city owing to its usefulness, smart location and witty design. Meeting the needs of the two institutions, the building opened in September 2018 fulfills all functions desired for a long time: on the one hand, students of the school have their PE classes, on the other hand, the sports club has its practises as well as its matches. What is even more, the hall is open to all the other departments of the Budaörs Students’ Sports Association, primarily for the volleyball teams. The building was designed by SAGRA Architects Ltd., which has already proven its talents in Budaörs. Amongst the slightly characterless and insignificant structures of the school, the new hall has stepped forward to become an accentuated component of the premises thanks to the excellent palette and variations of colours, the playful facade design, which is efficient in its simplicity. The interior is perfectly suited for the functions it was designed for: it is permeated by light, the layout is transparent, and the hall as such is a well-conceived creation acoustically.

General design: SAGRA Építész Kft.
Leading architect: Gábor Sajtos
Architects: András Páll, Péter Virág
Fellow architects: Nóra Lukácsi, Dávid Szabó, Zita Pelle
Structure: Csaba Horváth
Framework, isolation: Ferenc Barta
Fire protection: Gábor Deli
HVAC: Örs Szatmári
Electrical engineering: Ferenc Vágvölgyi
Low-voltage current, fire alarm: Tibor Móró
Lighting protection: Péter Bodócs
Environment: Dániel Kontra
Client: Aramis Sport Egyesület
Owner: Budaörs Város Önkormányzat