Iván Kotsis Medal: Gábor U. Nagy

The Iván Kotsis medal was founded in 1989 by the Association of Hungarian Architects on the initiative of the namesake’s disciples and reverents. This recognition is awarded annually based ont he recommendations of a team of professional curators for professionals excelling as educators and designer architects as their „fair play award”. In 2018 the award […]

In Memoriam Béla Kerékgyártó (1949-2018)

Béla Kerékgyártó, philosopher passed away on December 5th, 2018. He was a dedicated lecturer of architecture with BME (Budapest University of Technology) and the PhD Course of Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture who shaped the approaches of several generations. He had been awarded the Iván Kotsis prize of the Association of Hungarian Architects as […]

Budapest South Gate Masterplan

Result of the International Competition KKBK Nonprofit Zrt. (Centre of Key Government Investments), as contracting authority, announced a restricted international design competition for preparing a development proposal for the investments and complex urban development of South-Pest and North-Csepel, Budapest. The goal of the design competition was to implement a viable urban development in line with […]

A Contemporary Surplus

Hungarian Heritage House, Budapest Architects: Csaba Nagy, Károly Pólus, Botond Benedek, Krisztina T. Major Text: Tamás Kiss Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Building the Buda-based Vigadó at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries was the realization of middle-class people’s dreams cherished for a long time: they would have liked to have a building similarly to […]

Creating Atmosphere and Clear Formation

Exhibition Interiors in the reopened Museum of Fine Arts Istallations: Narmer Építészeti Stúdió Text: Miklós Sulyok Photos: Klára Lovas – Narmer Stúdió Recently reopened, the Museum of Fine Arts has four of its exhibitions designed by Narmer Architects. Being experienced in the genre, the architects solved their tasks with an imposing and impressive certainty and […]

Hanging Gardens above Buda

Baba Guel Mausoleum, Budapest Architect: István Mányi Text: Eszter Götz Photos: József Hajdú Located on a most beautiful site in Buda, this modest-size look-out opens up on the eastern slope of Rózsadomb, which has been the final resting place of a Turkish dervish named Baba Guel for five centuries now. After a long period of […]

Re-thingking with Preservation

The Office Building of the Hungarian Academy of Arts Architects: György Fazakas, Balázs Stachó, Gyula Dávid Text: Kornél Baliga Photos: József Hajdú By integrating two mansions built at the turn of the century, the new headquarters of the Hungarian Academy of Arts was born along Andrássy Avenue. The reconstruction of the exterior facades and the […]


Vilmos Apor Catholic College, Pesterzsébet Architects: Róbert Jahoda, Zoltán Páricsy Text: Vilmos Katona Photos: Balázs Danyi Based in Vác, Vilmos Apor Catholic College has a campus in the capital which has been standing unused since the summer of 1993. In 2014 it has been taken over by a new owner who had generous ideas starting […]

A Pebble from the Danube

Meininger Hotel, Budapest Architects: Bence Vadász, Zoltán Miklós Text: Zoltán Dragon Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky Behind the Market Hall in Budapest now opened a hotel the designs of which had originally been made for a more elegant four-star hotel, and have been modified according to the needs of its clients after the crisis so as to […]

Successful Shot

Footsal Hall of Aramis Sports Club, Budaörs Architect: Gábor Sajtos Text: Zsolt Vékony Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky An exciting creation has grown out of a hillside in Budaörs last year: the sports hall used by Aramis SE footsal team and Gyula Illyés Secondary Grammar School has evolved into a symbol of the city owing to its […]

Schools on the Frontier

The Gym Hall of the Dominican Sisters’ School, Kőszeg Architects: István Bartók, Péter Fejérdy Text: György Major Photos: Balázs Danyi Founded in 1868, the girls’ school of the Dominican nuns in Kőszeg has given a Catholicism spirited co-ed from kindergarten to mature exams since its restart at the time of the change of the political […]

New Definition

Central Library, Helsinki Architects: ALA Architects Text: Eszter Götz Photos: Tuomas Uusheimo The new Central Library of Helsinki (FI) occupies a hugely significant site in the city: facing the steps of the Finnish parliament building, the Eduskuntatalo across the Kansalaistori square, a public space flanked by major civic institutions. The siting of Oodi was chosen […]