One More Step Forward

A Four-Flat Tenement Block, Budapest, Római Riverbank Architects: Gergő Turi Text: Bálint Botzheim Photos: György Dénes Situated near the Danube bank in Buda, this new tenement block presents the interior relations of its four apartments as well as the architectural image of its environments with highly sculpturesque means. The architectural task here was to design […]

The Simple House

Dwelling House, Csömör Architects: Lukács Szederkényi, Dénes Emil Ghyczy Text: Anna Zsoldos Photos: András Zoltai This house in Csömör was built for a young married couple with one child. The best known work by the designers of AU Workshop is the frequently mentioned timber structure detached house built in Nagykovácsi. Their brandmark is not only […]

Táncoló ház Prágában

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Török Ferenc templomai

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Mies van der Rohe

The New National Gallery and Old Museum in Berlin Text: Hannes Böhringer Hungarian translation: J. A. Tillmann The following study compares the building of the new National Gallery in Berlin, designed by Mies van der Rohe in 1968, with the previous museum buildings of the Museuminsel in Berlin. The author analyses the museum’s genre as […]


Text: Ákos Moravánszky Architecture starts with the making of a horizontal plane. The archetypical ancient hut was the next step, having a fireplace on this horizontal surface as well as defending, covering and surrounding it. According to Gottfried Semper German architect and theoretician the terrace shovelled on the ground from the soil was the foundation […]

A Vertical World

New Faces of Budapest, Bratislava and Belgrade Text: Éva Lovra Budapest, Bratislava and Belgrade are ambitious capitals that are on the way or ambition to become metropolises the dynamics of development of which tends to halt at a certain stage and then gets a new momentum in a way slightly alien from their landscape, natural […]


Innovative Architectural Solutions of Contemporary Urban Communal Residential Buildings Text: Julianna Szabó, Annamária Babos Photos: Julianna Szabó Co-housing developments all over the world may be categorized according to various aspects: there are urban and rural communities, new constructions and remodelled real estates. In the tiniest ones there is only one room for each resident, whilst […]

The Way of Silence, Stress Treatment Centre, Herencsény

MÉSZ-MÉK Diploma Award 2018 Design: Mónika Mészáros Consultant: Dr. Marcel Ferencz DLA Located in the western part of Northern Hungary, a small village Herencsény has an ancient chapel on its outskirts embraced by a picturesque scenery which soothes visitors. The harmony of the landscape and the chapel releases healing energies, and thus the site is […]

Piranesi Award 2018

The 36th PDA conference was concluded by solemn ceremony of 2018 Piranesi Award. Honorable speech was by state secretary Aleš Prijon from Ministry of Enviroment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia who conferred the awards together with Barbara Radovan, general director of Spatial planning, Construction and Housing Directorate at Ministry of Enviroment and […]

Koloman Moser

Universal Artist between Gustav Klimt and Josef Hoffmann MAK, Vienna, 19 December 2018 – 22 April 2019 Photos: MAK Koloman Moser’s oeuvre continues to exert a lasting fascination. As a universal artist Moser masters the disciplines of painting, graphic art, arts and crafts, and interior design as well as fashion and scenography. To an impressive […]