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  • The Simple House

    Dwelling House, Csömör

    Architects: Lukács Szederkényi, Dénes Emil Ghyczy
    Text: Anna Zsoldos
    Photos: András Zoltai

    This house in Csömör was built for a young married couple with one child. The best known work by the designers of AU Workshop is the frequently mentioned timber structure detached house built in Nagykovácsi. Their brandmark is not only made up of formal characteristics, but also by their artistic principles and ideas. At first sight, the house in Csömör does not appear as a structure designed by an architect. We have the impression it was built by someone for his own purposes, meeting his own needs and scales. The simplicity of its forms, the unplastered facade and the simplicity of the materials used all contribute to this overall impression, Facing the street, the main facade does not appear as a classical example of its typology. Two components placed symmetrically on the surface of the louvre stones on the facade – a small size kitchen window and a plant holding blind window made of tin – flank the timber entrance door. The floor plan configuration as well as the design of the facade is based on symmetry. The interior is an open space covering 70 square metres which allows the family members to spend their lives together in a single room. It is only the bathroom and the study opposite it have been designed as separated units from the rest of the interior. Its layout allows every aspect of family life but also has the potentials to flexibly adjust to continuously changing needs and requirements.

    Architects: Dénes Emil Ghyczy, Lukács Szederkényi – Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop
    Fellow architect: Gergely Szacsvay
    Structure: András Molnár