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  • One More Step Forward

    A Four-Flat Tenement Block, Budapest, Római Riverbank

    Architects: Gergő Turi
    Text: Bálint Botzheim
    Photos: György Dénes

    Situated near the Danube bank in Buda, this new tenement block presents the interior relations of its four apartments as well as the architectural image of its environments with highly sculpturesque means. The architectural task here was to design a four-unit tenement block, and considering the longitudinal lot and the relevant regulations of development meant it was a logical solution to include two apartments on the ground-floor and the other two on the first floor. The ground floor units have independent entrances and garden access. The flats on the first floor are positioned in the heart of the structure, and open up from the joint staircase splitting the building into two. The facades reveal the most exciting potentials of the house conveying its originality. There are no repetitions, the facade sort of dances around the house itself, opening up its various faces meanwhile. The first floor terrace set in the middle divides and is counterbalanced by the right- and left-hand parts. At the bottom and in the middle there is the street-front apartment with its sculpturesque entrance. The masses of the first floor are moved inward, and there is an archway created beneath, so that the apartments on the ground floor have access routes protected against the rain. The dynamics of the masses is continued on the lateral facades. The formal concept moving the blocks are not evolved entirely if viewed from the back yard: each room on the first floor appears as if they had their totally independent lives.

    Leading architect: Gergő Turi
    Architect: Attila Turi
    Fellow architect: Csaba Álmos
    Structure: Dorottya Baráth
    HVAC: Zoltán Ilyés
    Electrical engineering: Zoltán Tóth
    Traffic: Attila Kenéz
    Client: András Zelenák
    Main contractor: Dyrax-ER Kft.