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    Dwelling house in Szentendre

    Architect: Lajos Kuknyó
    Text: Bálint Botzheim
    Photos: Tamás Bujnovszky

    The slope is steep, the house was built on the upper border of the lot. The flat roof was a fine choice. The form and simplicity of the horizontal prism defines forms counterpointed by the more emphasized design of the entry side with two projecting cornices and the prism of the chimney piercing them through. The glass partition along the southern side of the building even turns at the corner, the roof floats above the flowing spaces of the ground floor. The need for durability and good quality is also reflected in the details. The living room and the dining room are only separated by a partition wall with symmetrical design and beautiful marble facework which the architect saw in Italy, just like the white leather enveloping the walls and the interior doors. The cross-shaped columns with Roman steel facework in the living-room are familiar from Villa Tugendhat. In line with this style, copies of furniture items by Mies van der Rohe also found their way here, although the majority of the furnishing was designed individually by the architect. Professionalism is reflected by every detail.

    Design and main contractor: Lajos Kuknyó – Architéma Kft.
    Architecture, interior design: Lajos Kuknyó
    Structure: Ákos Medek
    Installation: László Komlóssy
    Electrical engineering: Lajos Nemere
    Garden: István Gazsó