Power Estimation

This exhibition is meant to represent and document the architecture of a transitionary period which is difficult to define. More than 200 works are on display here to represent the architectural achievements of Baranya, Tolna and Somogy counties respectively. To focus on, trustees of the exhibition, Mihály Balázs, János Gerle and Krisztina Somogyi selected 30 buildings…

Béla Lajta

Organized in the Municipal Archives of Budapest, this exhibition is primarily meant to attract attention. Prepared after a comprehensive project of data collection, it is the first one in its kind to represent the oeuvre of great importance and significance. Based on a large number of original documents, it is the most extensive one regarding both the designer’s activities…

On the 75th Birthday of Imre Makovecz

Master Makovecz is both a deeply immersed visionary and inspirational creator and an enthusiastic individual devoting himself to community. As an emblematic architect he is masterly counteracting the contradictions hidden in this dual role of his. Prioritizing the justified social expectations of his profession he is able to reconcile and harmonize them…

Lucien Hervé 100

Within a short period three excellent photographers „returned home“ thanks to exhibitions of high standards. Although in the case of Munkácsi it is impossible, works by Capa and Hervé exhibited now shall remain here: the former is to enrich the collection of the Hungarian National Museum, whilst the latter is to be treasured in the Museum of Fine Arts.

The Miniaturized World

This year the festival was moved into the exhibition halls of the Art Gallery and the selection has turned out to be accordingly well-groomed. Seventy models from twenty countries have arrived here, the majority of which are spectacular ones made professionally and hardly resembling those submitted in 2008 when the wide variety ranged from the simplest materials…

Prepared Architecture

We may as well have got used to it that an architectural work is only circumscribable at best: we are trying to use analogies, parallels, poetic or less poetic images, metaphors or associations, quotations and quotation marks to do so. Actually, however, it is only space, proportions, sounds, lights and colours, recollections that occur to us accompanied by associations…

Hidden Ecological Practice

Small is beautiful – says Ernst Schumacher, one of the pioneers of ecological economics in his epochal work. This lesson would be well worth for us to know, especially now, in the time of crisis, and especially for us, Hungarians. Because we are not only to be brave enough to dream something really big, but also to think in small – if this is the reality.

Image of Paradise

The building of the kindergarten has a dwelling-house design with several details echoing solutions experimented by Turi in residential buildings he designed. Clearly separated in space, functions are easy to recognize: the realm of children occupies the ground-floor, whilst service and ancillary areas (offices, staff changing rooms, washrooms, rest areas) are upstairs.

Simple Sentence without Fluff

This house is like a simple sentence (subject+predicate). There are no superfluous things or superfluous effects. Natural simplicity and openness defines the development as such. Everything is what it seems to be. The wall is a wall, the roof is a roof, the window is a window. However, it almost unnoticeably steps out of its system of coordinates, or rather doubles it.


The first impression one has of the new bus terminal in Hatvan is that the experience we have associated with travelling does not depend on the building itself but on the architectural standards achieved here. Selected after an invitation to tender, the duo of architects treated the array of classic forms with a firm hand.

A Montage of Quotations

The slope is steep, the house was built on the upper border of the lot. The flat roof was a fine choice. The form and simplicity of the horizontal prism defines forms counterpointed by the more emphasized design of the entry side with two projecting cornices and the prism of the chimney piercing them through.

Bread Factory Capriccio

When it comes to development, Siófok as the capital of Lake Balaton and its region is trying to break away in time from the linear type of town development along the shores. The uninhabited building formerly housing the mechanized bakery, that is the would-be cultural centre, is within walking distance from the centre even southward.