Hylozoic Ground

In Venice Canada exhibited yet another spectacular show of a project by Philip Beesley going on for several years now: it is Hylozoic Ground he made in co-operation with the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. Applying methods of experimental architecture, this project reinterprets the phenomena of virgin nature, the concept and quality of wilderness.

Throughout the Town of Light

Born in Selyp near Eger in 1906, György Kepes covered a long way from this tiny village to Boston where he became an artist and a world famous theoretician founding an institution. There are only a few artists in the 20th century who had been more influential than him concerning the potentials of visual language in association with scientific thinking…

An Antiquated Block

Az 1963-ban megnyitott szombathelyi Iseum romkertjének helyén ma újra szentély áll. A napvilágra került adatoknak a korábbi ismeretanyagba való beépítését a 2001-3 között Sosztarics Ottó régész Mezős Tamás építész végezték. Az „Iseum-rekonstrukció” koncepciója az volt, hogy az új szentély teljes tömegében mutassa be ókori előzményének mását.

Thesaurus in Colors

The idea of building a new technical library originated in the 1990’s. On behalf of the State Technical Library, the Czech Ministry of Education sponsored an architectural competition in 2000. Projektil’s design was awarded First Prize from among approximately 50 proposals. Then there was a pause until 2004. After the plans were finished in 2006…

Carved from a Monolith

By nature, the embassy of the Hungarian Republic is a symbol in itself. This function is served by the architect when using light walls and yellowish-whitish limestone facework evoking our architectural traditions to represent the country’s regional-historical architectural character. The solemnity of the house simultaneously meets the requirements of tradition and official tone…

From Typical to Personal

The client had a special request and asked Robert Konieczny Czech architect to design his family house adapted to two different sites simultaneously. One of the lots near Pszczyna in Poland was familiar for us, whilst we only knew about the other one which is somewhere near Berlin. The architects thus had to face the difficult task of designing without knowing the location.

Our Capital and Our Identity

Even though it has not ended yet, the year 2010 has already seen its worst architectural-urbanistic scandal – the so-called Zeppelin case of the Inner City of Budapest – understandably referred to it as such. There is no doubt that investors acted well-meaningly when contacting Sir Norman Foster, one of the greatest stars of the international scene of architecture…

Part in the Whole

Jászberény is the heart of the region called Jászság. Playing a key role in this area, its functions, traditions and architectural heritage make it the genuine regional centre. This is also the reason why it has issues concerning its structure and the qualities of the artificial environment. It is an ages old dream of the town to create a genuine centre…

A Treasury of Recollections

This building is an experiment to realize an organic-mimetic trend going beyond conventional architecture. As the name refers to it, the primary function is to treasure people’s recollections, actually to be an electronic data base or storehouse with memories treated with a variety of authorities. Every data left here to be preserved (image, sound, video) may be marked as…

Landscape Odyssey

A Landscape Odyssey

After an exhibition and a conference the catalogue of the most significant projects of hungarian landscape architecture also issued.


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