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    Facelifting of the Town Centre in Jászberény

    Text: Csaba Alvári

    Plan of a new public space in Fürdő Street

    Jászberény is the heart of the region called Jászság. Playing a key role in this area, its functions, traditions and architectural heritage make it the genuine regional centre. This is also the reason why it has issues concerning its structure and the qualities of the artificial environment. It is an ages old dream of the town to create a genuine centre by controlling and decreasing transit traffic in its downtown area and by landscaping. We were among the first ones in the country when preparing an Integrated Strategy of Town Development which serves as the point of reference for the development we are undertaking. Within the framework of our successful project design developments planned for the years 2010 and 2011 are directly associated with the main square and are to be realized in a homogeneous, integrated area. Consequences of these developments would influence the whole town as such. We hope that it shall affect their wider environment, resulting in more intensive reconstructions of privately owned real estates. By making the environment more attractive we wish to facilitate the introduction of certain functions (e.g. catering and places of amusement, some of which had actually existed here sometime ago) that strengthen the role of the main square providing meeting places that also contribute to the retaining powers of the town.