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  • укладка тротуарной плитки
  • A Treasury of Recollections

    Média Architectural Prize 2010 – Design category

    Text and design: Mónika Csontos

    This building is an experiment to realize an organic-mimetic trend going beyond conventional architecture. As the name refers to it, the primary function is to treasure people’s recollections, actually to be an electronic data base or storehouse with memories treated with a variety of authorities. Every data left here to be preserved (image, sound, video) may be marked as meant for the public or being non-public, depending on whom we authorize to have access to them. The explosion-like development of contemporary technology opened up a new era in architecture, as computerized modelling facilitates designing structures which are statically calculable and unprecedented so far. This way the building can be designed as based on any natural form form, pattern or algorithmicable programme, resolvable into its constituents and suitable for execution.