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  • Throughout the Town of Light

    Kepes Centre, Eger

    Design: Judit Botos, Pál Somogyi
    Text: Ferenc Offenbächer

    Born in Selyp near Eger in 1906, György Kepes covered a long way from this tiny village to Boston where he became an artist and a world famous theoretician founding an institution. There are only a few artists in the 20th century who had been more influential than him concerning the potentials of visual language in association with scientific thinking and the social impact of arts via expanding the complex cooperation of several branches of arts. Established in Eger, Kepes Centre is about to present the oeuvre of the artist as well as his achievements realized and converted into reality in contemporary arts.

    György Kepes Album, Vintage Gallery

    Text: György Szegő

    The heritage of Kepes has at last found its well-deserved home in Eger. As part of the preparatory work, Vintage Gallery participated in exploring the oueuvre of the artist rich in genres (he studied to be a painter at the College of Fine Arts in Pest) and now published a beautiful album including photographs and especially photograms accompanied by a study written by Márton Orosz, a specialist of this topic. The early years are associated with key venues of emigration, the Bauhaus and Berlin, where Kepes was still more attracted to traditional photography. His experimental photos preserve the cultural impressions of civilization presented by incongruous visual components and human contents contaminated with mechanical machines.